Detroit Sad City

I recently heard an extremely depressing story about the Detroit Public Library and how beautiful is, but nobody ever comes to visit. Architecturally it hearkens back to the days of Ancient Rome or Greece, and the inside is decorated with intricate ornamentation made of stone, glass, and tile. It truly is beautiful inside and out. Of course the shitlib globalist fags who were discussing this sad situation were absolutely clueless as to why nobody ever comes to visit or admire one of Detroit’s few remaining gems. The reason couldn’t have been more obvious to anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed by multi-culti equalism: The white people who built this structure don’t live there any more! Nobody can seriously believe that a city of black ghetto dwellers give AF about the Detroit Public Library or anything it has to offer. And why should they? After all it wasn’t their ancestors who built it. Meanwhile the descendants of the White European stock who built Detroit have evacuated into the suburbs and remained there ever since the United States Government enabled the black invasion in the middle of the twentieth century. Detroit is exactly why diversity is NOT our strength and it will NEVER make a comeback no matter how many trendy SWPL restaurants and cafes open up downtown in a city that is ninety percent black.