Perverse Incentives

Modernity has created an artificial environment where the incentive structure, which used to make us better people who had meaningful connections with the people around us and the places we lived, has been thrown out the window and replaced with an entirely new incentive structure. This perverse incentive structure is especially prevalent in Western Civilization where traditional gender roles are under attack and unrestrained global capitalism regard men as disposable widgets. This is particularly acute in the United States which has a very superficial national identity based on vague notions of freedom which essentially amount to nothing more than slogans due to the lack of a shared racial or ethnic identity. These corrosive incentives are varied and many, but there are three major ones that allow degeneracy to spread and gain a foothold.

The single mother welfare system, the anti-father/husband courts, and allowing women into the workforce has completely eliminated the incentive for women to find a good man to pair with and offer to give birth to his children. The only incentive a woman has now to pair with a man is a fleeting emotional desire to experience his masculine qualities and intimacy. While a man who is exceptionally masculine and knows how to stir desire in a woman can incentivize loyalty in women, the more concrete incentives such as money, protection, and wealth can be provided by women themselves or has been outsourced to the state. In an environment where wealth can be had by women without pair bonding, this leaves many men seen as redundant at best, and a nuisance at worst. This lowers man’s confidence and makes it harder to live a meaningful life which leads to unhealthy addictions, while women become overweight, slutty, obnoxious, and barren leading to addiction and plummeting birth rates.

Globalization in the form of open trade and open borders has largely damaged man’s incentive to protect and fight for his nation and home. Without a meaningful connection to his nation in the form of land ownership and working with that land, the endless flow of cheap foreign goods due to open trade greatly reduces the significance of the nation state in his mind. If one can attain goods and services without looking after their own nation, the nation becomes an empty shell, hollowed out of its productive forces and its will to exist. Open borders on the other hand have a deleterious effect on man’s willingness to fight for his nation when he sees it being filled with people who he shares no ethnicity, race, beliefs, or values with. So rather than foster courageous men who are willing to fight and die for their nation, open borders psychologically encourages men to become weak, spineless, and effeminate.

Lastly, industrialization and technology have made many skills obsolete, while at the same time robbing men of important and fulfilling experiences that lead to spiritual and mental growth, and are often times a major distraction from more important things. One day of working with one’s hands can teach one lessons that a lifetime of government sanctioned schooling could never provide. Whether it be building a table, growing a garden, changing your brakes, reading a book front to back, or simply taking the time to unplug and meditate; these things fill men with a sense of accomplishment, confidence, clarity, and wisdom that the modern world has almost completely forgotten about. These things all require discipline, focus, and determination, all of which are rapidly becoming alien concepts in a post modern world.

There will be a day of reckoning. The corporate/globohomo/government cocoon only has power while structures built by men which operate in tune with the natural order continue to exist. As the family unit continues to dissolve, the nation state continues to dissolve, and the racial complexion of the people dissolves, civilizational collapse will soon follow. After this, there will be a rebirth of some kind, but it’s anybody’s guess as to whether this rebirth will retain some elements of modernity and combine them with more of a hunter-gatherer/agrarian society, or do away with modernity all together. My guess is that it will most likely be the former, but with major restrictions in place to prevent degeneracy from sinking its roots so deeply into our people again.


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