Man’s Objectives

The alt right has a revolutionary message, and so does Donald Trump to a lesser extent. Historically speaking, revolutionary messages don’t resonate with the normie masses. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is proved by the fact that past revolutions never had more than a minority, somewhere between 10-30%, of the population. That said, trying to win over the hearts and minds of normies is a fool’s errand. Normies, like women, don’t know what’s best for them and are incapable of big picture thinking. They need to be dragged kicking and screaming until you accomplish your goal and then they’ll tell you they agreed with you all along and go back to watching sportsball.

Moreover, our current free for all democracy has empowered normies and allowed them to make decisions they never should have had a say in. But it’s actually not entirely accurate to say that normies have been empowered by democracy. This is why the elite promote democracy because they know how easy it is to manipulate normies when you have a democratic system in place that allows them to vote. It makes the normies feel like they are in control, while actually having hardly an at all. To solve these problems and pull off a successful revolution, there are three main objectives for the alt right, MGTOWs, and the red pill/manosphere umbrella to achieve.

First, take the pussy off the pedestal. This especially goes toward the alt right which has far too many adherents who believe women are a victim class and are inherently loyal to men. Women are hypergamous creatures who are only as loyal as any given circumstance calls for. Read up on what a war-bride is and see if you still think women are innocent and angelic. Women need to be encouraged and in some cases confined to traditional female gender roles such as wife and mother. Women certainly have no place voting, being in university, participating in politics, or being captains of industry. Any revolution that allows women free reign will certainly fail.

Second, illusions of equality and egalitarianism in all its forms needs to be abolished, and not just in regard to race and gender. It needs to be abolished as a concept entirely because it has no basis in reality and runs counter to everything we see expressed in nature. This especially goes for MGTOWs still clinging to magical concepts of equality, liberty, and magic dirt. Too many MGTOWs who’ve accomplished nothing think that just because they exist they ought to be granted rights that men historically had to fight to the death for. Egalitarianism is a fairy tale that creates space for incompetence and treachery, spelling doom for any man foolish enough to believe in it.

Lastly, after the revolution has succeeded, an aristocratic order based on merit and masculine virtues needs to be established that will form the foundation of a civilization that can endure for millennia. For example, within the context of Western Civilization, only accomplished white men of good character will be allowed to vote or have a say in politics. By accomplished I mean white men who are at least thirty years old and own land in the form of a business or homestead. By good character I mean a man who is intelligent (preferably an IQ above 100), knows how to control his woman (or women), and isn’t afraid fight. These three character traits reflect the core of what it means to be a man and are a direct expression of the masculine virtues such as wisdom, dominance, and bravery. Any man lacking these virtues is no man at all.


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