Sex and Idealism

It is often said that a woman’s hypergamous instinct makes her untrustworthy. While this is in fact true, it doesn’t get to the core of matter. First, it’s important to understand that men are also, in a sense, hypergamous. What else ought one call it when a man leaves his wife of twenty years for a twenty something girlfriend? Yes there are differences between men and women in this regard, but in both instances they are looking for the next best thing. Herein lies the real difference between men and women. Men have the potential to be idealistic, whereas women are slaves to their emotions and instincts. This makes it difficult for a woman to idealize concepts like marriage and the nuclear family. Depending on the type of culture she’s raised in, she will possibly pay lip service to these ideals, but as the sayings goes; don’t listen to what a woman says, instead watch how she behaves. Because when push comes to shove, and the husband she swore to love til’ death do them part loses his job, falls ill, or he simply has no game, her instincts will override any past commitments she made and she won’t think twice about doing it.

Most men on the other hand live in a mental world of idealism. Idealism is the chore characteristic of the masculine mind. All around his mental landscape are pillars that represent different ideals which hold up the entirety of his consciousness, and for many men this includes things like marriage and family. This is why so many men get burned in relationships with the opposite sex; she will never play by his rules. Not necessarily because she doesn’t like the rules, rather, it is because she is fully incapable of doing so. Idealism and femininity are like oil and water. Shake them up all you want, but they can’t be mixed together. When dealing with women, one must understand they are always playing by their rules. Less idealistic men will find it quite easy to deal with women and sexual conquest will come naturally to them. For more idealistic men, they need to be taught the true nature of woman (or at the very least not be taught falsehoods about them) from a young age. Otherwise they will naturally assume that women are idealistic just like them and end up falling prey to the their worst instincts.

I have a hunch that our male ancestors were more aware of this knowledge and took care to pass it down to their sons. In the (((current year))), the feminine way has become so pervasive in every aspect of a man’s life that in many cases it has become too dangerous to discuss these very important truths. It runs much deeper than mere political correctness which is just one of the many ways woman bends man into accordance with her nature . Interestingly, the internet and the ‘manosphere’ have given men a virtual space where they can anonymously connect and share ideas without fear of losing their wife, their children, or their job (at least for now). This is a fascinating development, and is only the beginning of what appears to be the revolution of men. There is plenty of disagreement and exciting ideas being discussed, and I look forward to how this will shape the future.